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Treehouse Unites Community and Wish Family

Cross feels free while swinging on his wish-come-true treehouse.

Cross now has a place where cancer can’t touch him.

Five-year-old Cross is a fun-loving, playful and active kid with a big imagination.

His parents said that even during his medical treatments for leukemia, he never slowed down – Cross would continue to chase his siblings in the backyard.

Cross enjoys his new treehouse, built by Make-A-Wish.

When Make-A-Wish® met with Cross, he wanted to combine his love of the outdoors with his passion for rodeo – and he had plenty of his own ideas that he wanted to incorporate: swings, big windows, a slide and a big barn room for his sleeping bag!

“When we talked about his treehouse, the one thing Cross was most excited about was sleeping in it,” said his mom Megan.

On construction day, his community of Yuma, Colo., came together to build his barn-themed treehouse. Cross even chipped in, telling the crew, “Maybe you can all come play rodeo with me when we’re done!”

Thanks to Bristol-Myers Squib, Cross now has a place where cancer can’t touch him. He can be anyone he wants – an astronaut, a spy and even a cowboy. He can spend the night in his barn treehouse and imagine any future. For his family, it’s healing to watch their son to focus on fun and adventure – just being a kid. That’s the transformational power of a wish.

The Power of a Wish

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I'm privileged to see daily the incredible, positive impact that the power of a wish has on our children and our families. Not a day goes by that we don't see a child and family anxiously anticipating a wish experience, or we're receiving communications when they are on their wish or when they come back with the pictures and stories. The wish has an incredible impact and incredible legacy.

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